Surpass Yourself Look Forward To The Future.

Beyond self-prospecting for the future, Yongxiu people are not satisfied with yesterday's brilliance, and create new achievements, strive to improve product grade and international standards, attract foreign investment, the introduction of the United States valve design and manufacturing technology and management technology, the expansion of the new plant 12500 square meters, 3600 square meters of science and technology office building.

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Brainstorming For Perfection

Technology creates brand, innovation achieves dreams.

Focus on creating excellence, quality is beyond doubt.

Improve the service system, the profession is trustworthy.

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Strict inspection of quality guarantee

In order to provide high-quality products, the company equipped with advanced testing equipment and perfect testing means, established a strict quality management team, and realized the quality control from raw material testing, production process testing, product and application process.

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