The company has more than 1000 specifications of warehousing products, and its total stock can reach 100 million yuan. Strong R & D capabilities, enabling enterprises to have a comparative advantage in valve product categories. The company's inventory capacity is noticeable, supply advantage is far ahead of peers, become the core advantage of the supply chain.


Building series

The front valve of this watch is different from the special wrench type lock control ball valve on the market. Its wrench is mechanical, intuitive and easy to be copied. The front valve of this watch adopts special encryption induction key, which is mysterious and cannot be copied. Other mechanical wrenches are used. The valve can not be controlled by the active wrench, pipe wrench, etc.).

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Hydraulic series

Hydraulic valves are generally divided into two types: diaphragm type and piston type. The diaphragm diameter type is Φ600mm or less and the piston type is Φ600mm or more. The operation principle of the two is similar.

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Fire protection series

In the fire water supply system and automatic sprinkler system, the fire-fighting gate valve is usually used as a monitoring valve for the water supply pipeline to monitor the opening/closing state of the pipeline water source and ensure the water supply safety of the fire protection system.

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Universal series

Steel gate valve, elastic gate, reliable sealing; compact structure, reasonable design, good valve steel, smooth passage, small flow resistance coefficient; stainless steel and hard alloy for sealing surface, long service life; flexible graphite packing ring shaft sealing system The seal is reliable and the operation is light and flexible. It is widely used in oil, water, steam pipelines such as petroleum, chemical, thermal power plants to open or close the medium opening and closing device in the pipeline.

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